Dog Obedience Training in Vista, CA

My name is Elias Rodriguez and I’m the owner of Structured K9 Training. I’m also a proud dog dad to three rescued Dobermans.

My career background consists of 17 years of service with the U.S. Navy participating in Operation Enduring Freedom and the War On Terrorism. I was a member of the Navy’s Primary Special Operations Force. I retired from law enforcement with 28 years of experience as an LEO.

I mentored and worked for a prestigious dog training company where I learned and developed the trade skills necessary to launch Structured K9 Training. Throughout my career, I’ve rehabilitated dogs of all sizes and breeds. I’ve trained dog owners on how to positively connect with their dog. 

As a dog trainer, I understand the struggle and frustration when dealing with a dog with obedience issues. I’ve been where you are. My goal is to train your dog so it’s a welcomed, loving member of your family. The good news is dogs naturally want to please their owner. Sometimes they need a little help to make it happen though. I have the solutions to bring peace and harmony to your home and strengthen the bond you have with your dog.




At Structured K9 Training, we specialize in low-level, remote collar off-leash training — like Bluetooth for you and your dog. Having an off-leash, reliable dog is a dream for most dog owners. We can make that dream that a reality!

We firmly believe that positive training is the best way for you to connect with your dog. However, every dog’s situation is different. Because of this, we adapt our techniques, methods, and tools to each dog to rid them of poor habits in order to get desired behavior. With dogs, there’s never a “one size fits all” training method. 

The key to training a dog is consistency. At Structured K9 Training, we develop massive amounts of structure in your dog’s life. We believe most of the troubles your dog gives you come from a poor state of mind. State of mind is a very important principle of dog training and effective training puts a dog in the right state of mind. We then train you, the dog’s owner, on how to create structure in your own home. 

While we love all of our furry friends, we are currently not taking clients with human or dog aggressive dogs. Please contact us to discuss the issues you are facing to see if we are a good fit.

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