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E-Collar training and dog obedience training in Escondido, CA

What kind of dogs do you train?

We train all breeds in developing calmness. We don’t do bite work, tracking, or competition. We teach your dog how to be a family dog. We specialize in remote e-collar training. 

What tools do you use?

We use a variety of tools because what works for one dog doesn’t always work for another. Some of the tools we use include: slip leads, flat buckle collars, prong collars, long lines, remote e-collar training, the Doggie Don’t (it projects only a loud obnoxious sound to interrupt the dog’s focus), the Pet Convincer (compressed air to interrupt the dog’s focus), treats/food, other balanced dogs, a dressage whip (to create space and interrupt behaviors), bark collars, spray bottles filled with water, the “bonker” (rolled up shirt or towel thrown in the direction of the dog or at the kennel to disrupt unruly behavior), body spatial pressure, light foot or finger taps (to divert the dog’s focus), the crate, the treadmill, tug toys, tennis balls, ropes, food bowls, plastic bottles, doorbells, animal sounds from the TV or speakers, clickers, toys, play, social activities, human contact such as praise, cots, rugs, placemats and the bare floor.

The goal of training is to achieve the result of a calm, relaxed, tuned-in, confident, happy, and obedient dog. The use of all these tools is what enables positive results.

Do you guarantee your training?

It would be unethical for us to offer a guarantee. There are many variables involved in creating a well-behaved and obedient dog. The most important is owner commitment, consistency, and follow through. Your family environment also contributes to your dog’s behavior.

No matter what your dog’s issues might be, you will see dramatic improvements and results at the completion of training. We are selective in who we choose to work with. A truly motivated owner will start the training before training officially begins. Training continues at home and becomes a lifestyle. We want you to be involved with your dog more than ever before. This is what makes a great dog owner. 

Will I get to see my dog during the Board and Train?

We don’t allow for visits during the board and train program. Although we understand it can be hard to be away from your dog, we find the owner’s presence to be counterproductive. It is also important you understand you may be part of the problem. You have to learn not to be a helicopter parent. You, as well as your dog, need to understand that it’s okay to be away from each other. We will teach your dog to be comfortable in their own skin and learn how to cope with the environment without being a Velcro dog.

This is important for you, as an owner, for your own separation anxiety. Your behaviors are the fuel that triggers reactions in your dog. Visiting your dog during board and train slows the progress of the program and often times can move the process backward.

Why do you use prong collars?

Prong collars offer a very effective way to communicate with your dog. The use of a prong collar depends on the dog as some dogs can be more reactive with a prong collar. We will make that determination during the training process.

Prong collars do not harm your dog. They compress evenly, unlike a flat buckle collar, to put pressure in one area. When a dog pulls on a prong collar, the dog self-corrects and the walk becomes easier.

Prong collars are one of the safest and most gentle ways to communicate with your dog. We use them on our own personal dogs.

Why do you use E-Collars?

E-collars, in our opinion, are the best invention made for a dog outside of the leash. Think of e-collar training as an invisible leash. 

Using an e-collar, your dog can enjoy off-leash freedom. With our program, we will be able to give you the reliability of an off-leash dog. Do you want to include your dog on a hike, bike ride, jog, or at the beach with the ability to recall your dog quickly and easily? We can do that for you.

E-collars use the same technology as a TENS unit, the devices used for physical therapy in humans. Your dog feels a tickle or tap of pressure. We will teach them when they feel that tap or tickle it means we are talking to them. 

The e-collar doesn’t train your dog. Training trains your dog. The e-collar is layered over the training while using the leash. Through time, we take the leash away and you then have an off-leash reliable dog.

E-collars will not harm your dog. Proper use of an e-collar is one of the most humane ways to teach your dog proper behavior. Most people can’t feel the e-collar at the working level your dog feels it. There is a physiological impact on your dog when you can reach out a football field away and touch your dog if they are misbehaving. 90% of the time we are using the e-collar for good communication.

No other tool can give you the ability to reliably recall your dog at great distances as an e-collar. Challenging issues such as fence fighting, digging through trash, jumping on people, stealing food, and jumping on furniture can all be resolved quickly from a distance through the use of an e-collar.

Why should we choose you?

We know you’re struggling and we want to help. Structured K9 Training can provide outstanding results. We want to make your struggles and your dog’s stress go away. We will work with you to solve your problems.

We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to bridge the gap between you and your dog. Imagine the looks people will give you with a well-behaved, obedient dog walking down the street. Imagine bringing your dog to a friend’s house and putting them in a down stay for hours while you watch a football game or a movie. Imagine going to a restaurant and having your dog mind their manners while your family enjoys dinner. Structured K9 Training can get you there.

Browse our website. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram feed for free content and videos. When your dog trains with us, their progress could be uploaded to our social media depending on the time we have available. That way you can see what’s going on with your dog’s training.

Whoever you choose, we encourage you to vet them carefully. You may get a better vibe from one trainer vs another. Find someone who you connect with and who makes you comfortable. We can also refer you to a nationwide database of trainers who may fit your needs.

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